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Assessing Department
Contact TypeContact Information
Tax Assessor
21 Sea Street
P.O. Box 248
Northeast Harbor, ME 04662
Monday thru Friday: 8:30 - 4:30

State Law (Title 36 of the M.R.S.A.) charges the Town Assessor with the discovery, description, and valuation of all real and personal property for the purpose of taxation. The Town of Mount Desert has a land area of 40 square miles consisting of approximately 2600 properties, with a 2013-2014 total taxable value of $2,031,506,635 and with a certified assessment ratio at 101% of market value. The 2014 State sales ratio analysis is available here.  The Assessor annually prepares a list of taxable property and commits the assessments to the Tax Collector for collection of funds appropriated by the Town's legislative body at the annual Town Meeting. Municipal budgets determine the total amount of taxes that must be paid. Property assessments determine how that total tax is shared among the property owners. Maintaining equity among taxpayers is a major responsibility of the Assessor's Office.

The Assessing Office maintains a record of each property within the town. The records contain prior ownership information, building characteristics, selling prices, copies of deeds, tax maps and aerial photographs. The Assessor's Office maintains these records to enable appropriate and equitable assessment of property for tax purposes. The Assessor's Office analyzes sales information to determine the accuracy of assessments, and reports the sales information to the Maine Revenue Service annually. All of these records are open to the public for inspection during office hours.

Property Tax Due Date
July 1st annually
Interest begins September 1st
Interest Rate on delinquent taxes:
Fiscal year:
July 1st - June 30th
Date of Assessment:
April 1st anually

2 013-2014 Tax Rate
$6.51 per thousand of valuation
2 012-2013 Tax Rate
$6.18 per thousand of valuation
2 011-2012 Tax Rate
$5.89 per thousand of valuation
2010-2011 Tax Rate
$5.83 per thousand of valuation
2009-2010 Tax Rate
$5.85 per thousand of valuation
2008-2009 Tax Rate
$5.70 per thousand of valuation
2008 (6-month)Tax Rate
$1.80 per thousand of valuation
2007 (Reval) Tax Rate
$5.35 per thousand of valuation
2006 Tax Rate
$14.15 per thousand of valuation
2005 Tax Rate
$14.15 per thousand of valuation
2004 Tax Rate
$13.70 per thousand of valuation

Hours:   Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
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