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Warrant Committee
Contact TypeContact Information
Committee Members
Gordon Beck
Dirck Bradt
William Burnett
Katrina Carter
Owen Craighead Jr.
Anne Dalton
Edward Ferm
William Ferm
John Gannon
Todd Graham
David Higgins
Ellen Kappas
Phil Lichtenstein - Co-Chairman
Jerry Miller - Co-Chairman
Norris Reddish
Samuel McGee
Kathleen Miller
Ellen Brawley
Seth Singleton
Statement of Purpose

The Warrant Committee consists of at least twenty registered voters of the Town who review the articles of the Town Meeting warrant and publish recommendations to the Town for action on them.  Town Charter,

  • Members of the Warrant Committee are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms, and no member of the Warrant Committee shall hold any elected Town office or be a full time Town employee.  Town Charter,
  • Members of the Committee are required to attend all meetings unless excused by the Chairman.  Members who have two or more unexcused absences in one year may be asked to resign.
  • The Warrant Committee chooses its own officers and rules of procedure.  Town Charter
  • At the first duly called meeting each year, after the Annual Town Meeting, the Warrant Committee shall elect a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and a Secretary for the ensuing year.  Other officers may be elected as deemed necessary by a majority of the Committee attending that meeting.
  • The Chairman shall serve as Chief Spokesperson for the Warrant Committee and shall conduct all business to be acted upon at Committee meetings.  Officers shall vote as members.
  • The Chairman shall appoint members to specific sub-committees and shall also appoint one member of each sub-committee as the sub-committee chairman.
  • During the initial organizational meeting, the Warrant Committee shall also set the required dates and times for subsequent meetings.  There will be at least three further meetings of the Warrant Committee as a whole.  Prior to each future meeting, the Members will be furnished an updated copy of the budget and/or warrant article information to be discussed at that meeting.
  • A meeting will be held to discuss the preliminary budget with all the department heads. A meeting will be held in early January with the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, and with the School Board, at which time the articles proposed by the Boards will be reviewed.  A meeting will be held after the close of the warrant for final votes on recommendations by the Warrant Committee.
  • A minimum of fifty per cent (50%) of the members of the Warrant Committee not excused from attending a meeting must be present for the Committee to vote on a recommendation on a warrant article.  If a quorum is not present, then it shall be published that there was an insufficient number of members present to vote on a recommendation.
  • All meetings of the Warrant Committee shall be posted in advance and are open to the general public.  All actions of the Warrant Committee shall be conducted in an open and orderly manner and records of any votes and attendance shall be kept and be a public record.  The public is invited to attend and voice their opinions in an orderly manner when recognized by the Chair.  All actions of the Warrant Committee shall be governed by the Maine Moderator's Manual.
The Warrant Committee shall be composed of several sub-committees which shall be structured to cover articles in the Warrant:
Municipal Administration:       Reviews articles proposed by the Board of Selectmen which concern Elected Officials, Administration, Assessor, Tax Collector/Treasurer, Code/Compliance, and the Municipal Building.
Public Safety:  Reviews Warrant Articles proposed by the Board of Selectmen which concern Fire Departments and Fire Stations, Ambulance, Police Department, Civil Emergency, Health, and Public Assistance.
Public Sanitation:      Reviews Warrant Articles proposed by the Board of Selectmen which concern Sewers, Sewer Systems and Treatment Plants, Public Water Supplies, Solid Waste, and Waste Collection/Disposal.
Public Transportation & Buildings:      Reviews Warrant Articles proposed by the Board of Selectmen which concern personnel, equipment and material needs of the Highway and Maintenance Department; Harbors, Docks and Marinas; as well as Town buildings, except for the Municipal Building, the School Buildings, and the Sewer Treatment Plants.
Public Education:       Reviews Warrant Articles proposed by the School Board.
Community Services & Recreation:        Reviews Warrant Articles proposed by the Board of Selectmen Regarding Recreation, Other Services, Parks, and Cemeteries.

The Warrant Committee shall act as a Committee of the Whole when considering proposed Ordinances or changes to existing Ordinances (proposed by the Planning Board or the Board of Selectmen), and general financial items, including bonds and indebtedness, the County assessment, and personnel benefits (based upon previously determined wages and salaries).  Articles shall be assigned by the Chairman for consideration by the appropriate Sub-Committee or the Committee as a Whole as the articles are created for Town Meeting.

Hours:   Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
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