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Harbor Master And Marine Management Committee




The Harbor Master shall be recommended by the Marine Management Committee, nominated by the Town Manager and shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

The Deputy Harbor Master shall be hired in accordance with Town policy of hiring non-department head personnel.


Certain duties, responsibilities, and authority of this office are prescribed by Titles 12, 17, and 38, MRSA, by the Town of Mount Desert's Personnel Policy, and by this ordinance.  The Harbor Master shall administer and enforce the provisions of this ordinance with the authority granted by law, and through his appointment as a Constable of the Town of Mount Desert; and the provisions of all rules, regulations, ordinances and other laws, which are lawfully promulgated that are within his responsibility.

The duties of the Harbor Master and Deputy Harbor Master shall include, but are not limited to the following:

A)      Promote order in the harbor and assure safety and use of the harbor for the general public.

B)      Regulate placement of moorings according to the approved mooring plan for each harbor and this ordinance.

C)      Provide copies of all rules, regulations, ordinances and other laws which pertain to the harbors, their use, and to vessels within the Town of Mount Desert, and to make copies available to those persons using the harbors.

D)      Inspect moorings, docks, floats, piers, and wharves, from time to time, as his judgment may dictate, in the waters of the Town of Mount Desert, give notice to the owner of such structures that have fallen into a state of disrepair or which may create a dangerous condition or may interfere with safe passage.

E)      The Harbor Master shall be overseer of the Town's waterfront facilities to      include but not be limited to, moorings, floats, docks, ramps, channels,
        breakwaters, and adjacent municipal property, excluding parking lots.



The Marine Management Committee shall consist of not less than five voting members nominated by the Town Manager and confirmed by the Board of Selectmen.  Members shall be appointed for two-year terms, and may be reappointed. Marine Management Committee members shall be residents of the Town of Mount Desert and shall represent diverse interests in the harbor. (i.e. commercial boat owners, recreational boat owners, abutting land and business owners, members of Town Boards, and Committees, etc.)  Town employees who are not residents may serve as non-voting members of the Committee, if their position provides special skills and knowledge beneficial to the Committee.


The duties and responsibilities of the Marine Management Committee shall be to oversee the Town waters and harbors and report to the Board of Selectmen as follows:

A)      To advise as to the custody, care and management of the Town waters and harbors and their facilities.

B)      To recommend policy for Town waters and harbors.

C)      To recommend rules and regulations for Town waters and use of the       harbors.

D)      To make recommendations on the construction of piers, wharves,
breakwaters, marine railways, or bulkheads within the tidal waters of the Town.

E)      To propose fees and operational budgets.

F)      To develop short and long range Marine management plans.

G)      To review the qualifications and make recommendations to the Town Manager of persons seeking employment as Harbor Master.


The chairman, vice chairman or the Harbor Master, may call meetings of the committee. There shall be a minimum of two meetings per year.

3.2.4 QUORUM

A majority of the members appointed to the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

3.2.5 VOTE

The committee decisions will be made by vote of a majority of the members present and voting.


A Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Marine Management Committee shall be elected by the membership. A Secretary shall be elected and shall keep a record of all proceedings and provide them to the Board of Selectmen in a timely manner.

Hours:   Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
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