Rural Wastewater Treatment Support Program Application


Benefits are paid after the warrant has been approved by the Board of Selectmen at their second meeting in December.  This year that meeting is on December 17th, 2018.

In order to qualify:

You must be a year round resident, as defined in the ordinance, and have filed an application for the subject property with the Town Office no later than April 30th to be considered for payment of benefits during that year.  An approved application shall remain in force for subsequent years unless the Town LPI determines that the original applicant or property is no longer eligible for the benefit payment due to title transfer; change of residency; change in use; extension of the Town’s public wastewater treatment system; failure to maintain the private wastewater treatment in compliance with applicable codes and permits; failure to provide inspection reports; or other causes.

If the Code Enforcement Officer/LPI informed you that your tank needed to be pumped this year, the tank must be pumped no later than November 15th.

All property taxes must be paid in full or current with the tax club program by December 1st of the benefit year.

Application(s) for Rural Wastewater Treatment Support Program Benefits are available at the top of the page.