Christmas Tree Policy

Christmas Tree Policy

The Office of State Fire Marshal wishes everyone a safe and festive Holiday Season. Toward this end, the following policy has been developed for the use of Christmas Trees in public buildings.

Some communities throughout Maine have regulations that may be more stringent than this policy. In these municipalities, the Fire Chief or Code Enforcement Official will set the standards for the use of natural greens and trees.

In communities that have no local standards, the display of greens or trees in occupancies such as mercantile, assembly, education, and business or like facilities must be done in one of four ways:


A living tree, with its roots protected by a ball of earth and wrapped in burlap or similar material placed in a sturdy container and watered daily.

An artificial tree, labeled or certified by the manufacturer as flame retardant or flame resistive.

A natural cut tree located in an area protected by an approved automatic sprinkler system.

A natural cut tree, sprayed or dipped by a commercial applicator using a tested and listed fire retardant formula.

Local officials should familiarize themselves with the authorized commercial applicators in their respective geographic areas. Each treated tree shall have a certificate attached, stating the name of the formula, name of the applicator, and date of treatment. Treated trees must be watered daily. Natural living, balled or cut trees and greens, treated or untreated, will continue to be banned in patient care facilities.

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