Posted Roads for the Town of Mount Desert

Starting February 24th, Posted Roads
Sign of a Posted road

As of February 24, 2020, at 7:00 am the following roads in The Town of Mount Desert will be posted for non-exempt vehicles with a registered weight limit of over 23,000 pounds.

Beech Hill Road

Beech Hill Cross Road

Butler Road

Cooksey Drive

Dodge Point Road

Grover Avenue

Hall Quarry Road

Indian Point Road

Jordan Pond Road

Lower Dunbar Road

Millbrook Road

New County Road

Oak Hill Road

Parker Farm Road

Richardson Avenue

Sergeant Drive

Steamboat Wharf Road

Upper Dunbar Road

Wall Street

Whitney Farm Road

These roads will be posted until further notice. If a permit is needed, please contact Ben Jacobs at 276-5744 or Tony Smith (207) 276-5743 and one of us can issue you a permit if we deem it necessary.