Surplus Equipment for Sale

Bids due no later than December 7th, 2023 -1:00pm
Attention please

Town of Mount Desert has:

Surplus Equipment for Sale

The Town of Mount Desert has surplus equipment for sale by competitive bid on an as-is, where-is, buyer picks up the item, basis. There are items available from both the Highway and Wastewater Divisions of the Public Works Department.

Written bids in sealed envelopes must be received at the Town’s Municipal Office, no later than 1:00 P.M.; December 7, 2023; bids will be opened at that time. The Town’s mailing address is P.O. Box 248, Northeast Harbor, Maine 04662. Faxed or e-mailed bids will not be accepted.

The sealed envelopes must have “Surplus Equipment Bid” clearly written on the outside of the envelope. Bids must include the bidder’s name, address, and phone number and preferably an email address. Items being bid upon must be identified by the item number and description from the surplus equipment list. Multiple bids can be included in the same envelope.

A list of all surplus equipment for sale by competitive bid is available at the Town Office at 21 Sea Street, Northeast Harbor. The surplus equipment list can also be viewed on the Town’s website or requested via email at

Visits to see the items or questions about them can be directed to the individuals atop the list of each department’s items; Wastewater Superintendent Ed Montague, 207-276-2210 or Highway Superintendent Ben Jacobs, 207-276-5743 Extension 1.

Successful bidders will be notified by December 14, 2023 and are to make payment by check payable to the Town of Mount Desert by 4:00 P.M., December 19, 2023. If payment is not made by this date, the item(s) will be disposed of at the Town’s discretion.

The Town reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to again invite bids; to negotiate with any bidder it so desires; to waive such formalities or informalities as do not affect or alter the substantive provisions thereof; to reissue a request for bids or; to accept any bid deemed advantageous to the Town.


Highway Department Surplus Items – Highway Superintendent Ben Jacobs (207) 276-5531

  1. 2013 Trackless MT6 with kicker broom, plow, snow blower and sander.

  2. 2005 International 7400 4x2 with dump body, plow and wing.

  3. Ranger Wheel Service Tire Changer Machine.

  4. Ranger Challenger Tire Balancer DST 64T.

  5. Clean Tech Spray Washer Parts Cleaner.

  6. Olympian P20P2 Generator on Trailer.

  7. 50 Rubber Speed humps/bumps.

  8. 4 Traffic Lights.

  9. 275-gallon Oil Barrel.

  10. 40 Foot (approximate) Pressure Treated Finger Float.

  11. 12’x12’ (approximate) Pressure Treated Swim Float.

Wastewater Department Surplus Items – Wastewater Superintendent Ed Montague (207) 276-2210

  1. 40 plus pieces of 2.5” Galvanized Pipe, 21 Feet Long. with assorted fittings.

  2. 2018 GMC HD2500 Bumper.

  3. 2022 GMC 3500 Bumper.

  4. 2018 GMC HD2500 Tailgate

  5. 2022 GMC 3500 Tailgate

  6. Propane Furnace.

  7. Truck Toolbox.

  8. Frigidaire Air Conditioner.

  9. Frigidaire Air Conditioner.

  10. Rubber Mat from Truck Bed of 2008 Ford F250.