Town of Mount Desert Pandemic Policy



Emergency Personnel Policy of 


Whereas, the Governor has declared a civil emergency, and

Whereas, the Emergency Management Director has recommended to the Board of Selectmen that a pandemic emergency exists, and

Whereas, the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen have the authority to adopt personnel policy to take control measures to protect Town personnel and the public and reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and

Whereas, the Town has been granted the authority to hold public meetings electronically or by means other than public attendance and has been granted the authority to suspend certain deadlines pursuant to Parts F and G of LD 2167, An Act To Implement Provisions Necessary to the Health, Welfare and Safety of the Citizens of Maine in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency  and 1 M.R.S.A. § 403-A as amended by the same, and

Whereas, the town is following guidelines established by the Maine CDC, and

Whereas, the safety of our employees and residents, especially the seniors and those employees and residents with underlying health issues which make them particularly vulnerable to illness, and

Whereas, to reduce the potential of any viral transmission within our personnel and community, and

Whereas, reducing social interaction will help flatten the curve and reduce the spread of Covid-19,

Now Therefore the Board of Selectmen recognizes there is a public health threat and directs staff to take the following actions:

Close public access to the Municipal Building offices, Highway Garage and grounds, Wastewater Plants, Police Station, Fire Stations and the Harbormaster’s office until further notice.

Cancel all non-emergency municipal meetings until further notice,

Suspend all deadlines for the processing or consideration of applications, and permits of any type etc. as required by Town Ordinances, rules and regulations.

Separately track all expenses, including payroll costs, associated with the public health threat.

Recognize and, where necessary, authorize the Town Manager’s authority to make changes to the Town’s operational and personnel policies and procedures as needed to address the public health threat.

Services provided by town departments until further notice shall be as follows:

Most Town services can be done online through the links listed on our web site at  Necessary forms can be found under each department. If you are unable to locate a particular form or you need assistance completing the forms, please contact the proper department below.

Town Office (276-5531) – The Town Office will be closed to the public. The staff will be working and actively responding to calls and emails during our normal business hours. There will be a locked drop box located in the foyer of the Town Office entrance, for documents that need to be supplied for completion of services or for payments being dropped off. Office staff can assist with questions regarding online services by calling the office at 207-276-5531.

Located under Online Registrations:

ATV & Snowmobile Registrations

Boat Registrations (non-commercial)

Car & Trailer Registrations or registrations (For new/private sale registrations or new to Maine registrations contact the Town Office)

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Located under Online Payments:

Tax Payments

Misc. Payments directed by our office staff

Email requests for vital records, election inquiries, voter registrations, and motor vehicle questions can be done through our website to our front-end personnel.

The Town Office staff will be unable to issue dog licenses and local shellfish licenses.


General Assistance (276-5531)– People seeking general assistance should call the Town Office at 207-276-5531 x 114 to speak with Town Manager Durlin Lunt and he will process applications over the phone.

Assessing Office – Please call 276-5531 if you need assessment forms or assistance.  Everything will be processed over the phone, email and regular mail.

Code Enforcement Office (276-5731) - The CEO Department is still accepting permit applications and payments through a drop box in the Town Office foyer, mail or email.  All Development Permit Applications are available on the Towns website, under Code Enforcement/Planning “Building Forms” at  The Land Use Zoning Ordinance, Tax Maps and Official Zoning Map are also located on the Towns website.  (See Assessor webpage for maps) Inspections are currently being conducted.  Should COVID-19/Corona Virus show up in the Hancock County area, inspections may be delayed to reduce the risks.

Should anyone have questions regarding projects please call the Town Office, at (207) 276-5731, and the CEO will be processing as much as possible via phone, email and regular mail.  

Police (276-5111) - The Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Police Departments will maintain 24/7 operations for both communities.  We have prepared continuing operations guidelines with reliance on mutual aid agreements if necessary.  We are developing protocols to which are intended to allow us to operate 24/7 dispatching from one dispatch center for both towns if staffing levels dictate it as a necessity.   We will always respond to emergencies and have asked our Police Officers to utilize discretion when handling non-urgent matters by talking with people on the phone rather than meeting them in person when appropriate.   The lobby will remain open to the public.

Fire (276-5111) – Effective immediately, all Mount Desert Fire Department fire stations are closed to the public as a precautionary measure to protect the health and well-being of our communities and team members, and to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  This closure will remain in effect until further notice.  We commit to updating our communications as conditions change.  While fire stations remain closed to the public, Mount Desert Fire Department firefighters are available and ready to respond to 9-1-1 emergencies.

EMS (276-5111) The Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service will be staffing personnel 24/7 to provide EMS response to the town of Mount Desert and surrounding communities. We will be working closely with our mutual aid partners, Mount Desert Hospital and Maine CDC to monitor and respond to the Covid-19 situation.

Public Works: Public Works personnel will continue to work their regular shifts, including the curbside collection of municipal solid waste. The grounds of the highway garage will remain accessible to the public, but the buildings will not, including the highway garage itself and the bus garage. Doors will be locked. People with questions or concerns can contact Public Works Director Tony Smith at 207-276-5743 or or Highway Superintendent Ben Jacobs at 207-276-5744 Extension 1 or In an emergency, the dispatch office can be contacted at 207-276-5111.

Wastewater Treatment: Wastewater personnel will continue to work their regular shifts, including the on-call person on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The grounds and the buildings associated with the treatment plants will be closed to the public – access is not allowed. People with questions or concerns can contact Public Works Director Tony Smith at 207-276-5743 or or Wastewater Superintendent Ed Montague at 207-276-2210, 207-276-5738 or In an emergency, the dispatch office can be contacted at 207-276-5111.

Harbormaster (276-5737): Harbormaster personnel will operate as follows:

Close and lock doors to the public

Remain open and be able to do business over the phone

Ensure that harbor channels are safe and open for boating traffic

Oversee operations in the Town’s controlled waterways.

Keep office clean and disinfected.

In the event the Harbormaster and Deputy cannot be at the office, based on the contingency plan, they can work remotely or can be assisted by mutual aid.


Given under our hands and seal at Northeast Harbor this nineteenth day of March 2020.

Municipal Officers of the Town of Mount Desert

     Martha T. Dudman, Selectmen                               Matthew  J. Hart, Vice Chairman   

     Wendy H. Littlefield, Secretary                                John B. Macauley, Chairman              


                                    James F. Mooers, Selectmen