May 6th & 7th 2024 Annual Town Meeting, Proposed Articles and FY 25 Budget

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Below is a list of recommendations of ordinance amendments that have been identified for the 2024 Annual Town Meeting.

Article I – Corrections Regarding Connections to the Public Sewer
This Article corrects the reference in Section 6B.15 regarding which Board grants an exception to the requirement of connecting to the public sewer. It also amends the Town of Mount Desert Sewer Ordinance so that it correctly refers to the applicable section in the LUZO.
Article II – Little Echo Lake Setback Change

It has been determined by Maine DEP that Little Echo Lake was man-made and therefore does not require a 100 ft setback from the waterbody. This Article changes the setback designation of the remaining lots on Little Echo Lake that still have a 100 ft setback and reduces it to 75 ft which is consistent with Maine DEP standards.

Article IV – Individual Private Campsites

This Article amends the definition of individual private campsites by adding the number of people who can use one, adding specificity on what site improvements an individual private campsite entails, and clarifying the minimum lot area when they are located in the Shoreland Zone.

Article V – Clarification of Terms for Residential Dwelling Units in Table of Allowed Uses

This Article amends the wording in Section 3.4 (Table of Allowed Uses) so that Residential Dwelling Units (specifically Residential Dwelling One Family, Residential Dwelling Two Family, and Residential Dwelling, Multi-Family) are consistent with the defined terms in Section 8 of the LUZO.

Article VI – Responsibility for Notification

This Article amends the wording in Section 5.4.3 to clarify that the Town is responsible for sending notices on Conditional Use Approvals rather than the Planning Board.

Article VII – Section 6B.11.3 Amendments for Residential Dwelling Units and Accessory Dwelling Units (02-28-24)

This Article amends Section 6B.11 to clarify the dimensional requirements for Residential Dwelling Units and be in compliance with State Law LD2003. It also adds standards for Accessory Dwelling Units (which are already allowed) and clarifies that they are only allowed on lots where there is a single residential dwelling unit.  

Article VIII – CEO Permit Review Timeline

This Article amends the procedure to administer permits (Section 7.5) by clarifying timelines for reviewing and issuing permits.

Article IX – Certificates of Occupancy

This Article amends the LUZO procedure for administering permits to clarify the standards for certificates of occupancy. 

Article X-  Lot Access

This Article amends the access standards in Section 6B.11 so that they are more consistent with legally permissible standards and to clarify that lots need to have safe access for fire, police, and emergency vehicles.

Article XI- Definitions

This Article adds or amends definitions in Section 8.  Some of the definitions were missing from the ordinance.

Article XII - Subdivision Ordinance Article LD2003 only

This Article will amend the existing Subdivision Ordinance by adding a new provision which will allow for density bonuses on projects in which more than half of the units are designated as affordable. This change is required by State Law (Title 30- A Section 4364 in the State of Maine statutes formerly).

Article XIII Marine and Freshwater Structures

This Article amends Section 6C.7 of the LUZO to eliminate conflicting language regarding what structures require a Conditional Use Permit. 

Article XIV Section 4 Non-Conformities

This Article amends the non-conforming section of the ordinance to be clearer on who has the authority to review and determine setbacks to the greatest practical extent.

Article XVI- Map 10 Zone Changes

This Article is to change the land use designation of tax map 10: Lots 048-001 through 048-019 and a portion of tax map 10: lot 048 from R1 to VR2.

Fiscal Year 25 Proposed Budgets


Short-term/Vacation Rental Licensing Ordinance- Selectboard Discussion DRAFT (03-15-2024)